This Saturdy was the 9th outing of the Road Apple Roubaix in Garretsville, OH. For the last 4 years, Team Mandalore has used this event as our seasonal opener. The first weekend of march might seem early to get started, but here at Camp Razorcrest, we believe THERE IS NO OFF SEASON. There is however, the beginning of the season, and RAR is it! This year there were close to 475 bikes on course for either 27 or 45 miles of shitty gravel goodness. The highlight of the event is seeing friends, many of whom disappear from our lives in late October.

The number two best part of the event is Heckle Hill. It’s about a quarter mile long, 7% grade with a beer handup at the top. Rae, Dave, Jeff & Andy hurried through the first 3/4ths of the course to get there early, give out sticky beers and sticky doobies and (of course) heckle. According to the organizers, volunteers manning the stop reported “Team Mandalore showed up and shit got weird real fast.” Yup. This is the Way

Here’s the highlight reel:

POV: Team Mandalore beat you to the top of Heckle Hill

Our friend James Libecco was on course to take photos, which you can find here:

We appreciate all the hard work the RAR team and their sponsors put in to this event every year.

2 thoughts on “road apple round nine: FIGHT!

  1. Thanks Rae for taking my empty beer cup after my glorious chug. Always a beam of cheer to meet up with.

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